Let's Put A Builder In The House!

Ray Lister works hard for his family and will work hard for Oregon. As an electrician, who has worked on some of the largest construction projects in Oregon, Ray knows that a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay. In his current role as a negotiator and organizer for his union, he ensures that others get that same opportunity.

As the parent of two boys in middle school, Ray understands that a good education begins with adequate school funding, and is essential to making sure the next generation of Oregonians have the best opportunity for success.

What are Ray’s priorities?

Policies to help build up our middle class.

A strong middle class is what makes this nation great. We need to reverse the hollowing out of our middle class and restore real opportunity for people to make a better future for themselves.

Good jobs that can support a family.

Earning a paycheck is how we help contribute to our community and people should be able to achieve a good standard of living through hard work and dedication.

Great schools that meet the needs of all our students.

A good education is the foundation for all opportunity in our society. We need great schools that reach students of all abilities, from all walks of life.

Ray Lister understands the impact of government and the need to ensure that policies help people and don't create more problems.

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