Ray lives in Wilsonville with his wife, Marci, and their sons, Cormac and Cian. Like many families in House District 26, the Lister’s believe that supporting schools, providing a stable business climate, and making sure there are adequate services for struggling families should be the state’s top priorities.

Ray grew up in Tucson, Arizona, and attended the University of Arizona. He and Marci moved to Oregon when they were expecting their first child, to be close to family, and because Ray had an opportunity to work as a residential electrician.  During the great recession, with work opportunities scarce, their income dropped 40%, they lost their house, moved into a two bedroom apartment, and slowly began rebuilding their livelihood.

Photo by Campbell Salgado

As Ray retrained for a job as a commercial electrician, their family needed community and government services to survive. Ray understands, first hand, the importance of that safety net.  Struggling families need support, and access to efficient services, not bureaucracy and red tape, during their times of need.  Ray will work to make that happen.

Working together to find solutions that work for Oregon. Ray believes that a moderate and balanced approach leads to the solutions that work for all Oregonians. Ray understands how to work with people on both sides of the issues.  As an advocate, negotiator, and organizer for his union, he knows that a one size fits all approach rarely works.  He looks for the common interests, and threads, that can bring people together.  He believes that both Democrats and Republicans want a successful Oregon.  He’ll look past labels to find common ground.