Ray Lister understands the impact of government and the need to ensure that policies help people and don’t create more problems. In the Legislature, he will stand up for the people of District 26 – looking to find the right approach to meet the community’s needs. Ray knows that the government works best when we come together to find common ground on solutions to the challenges we face. Ray is committed to working with leaders from across the region to effectively serve us in the Legislature.

If elected, he pledges to fight for:

Access to a Quality Education

Oregon children deserve the opportunity to be successful, and that cannot happen without quality schools and appropriate school funding.  As the parent of two school age children, Ray knows that education is a top priority. Oregon has a dynamic economy, and sometimes businesses struggle to build their workforce.  Ray believes that apprenticeships, internships, and other hands on learning experiences are a great way to insure that businesses and students can grow together, without looking out of state, or out of the country, so that when those students graduate, they are ready to move Oregon forward.

Family Wage Jobs

Washington County has created a strong business climate, and the result has been family wage jobs, for Ray, and so many other people in HD 26.  Ray will work with the private sector to ensure they can continue to create those jobs in Oregon.  He will also work to make sure that community colleges, and trade schools are able to help make sure that Oregonians are not left behind in our evolving economy.

Policies to help build up our middle class.

A strong middle class is what makes this nation great. We need to reverse the hollowing out of our middle class and restore real opportunity for people to make a better future for themselves.

Transportation for the Next Century

Whether its children having a safe route to school, or people traveling to work, we need to prioritize safe, efficient, and effective transportation options. Ray will focus on projects that efficiently help people get between home, jobs and school, regardless of how they travel to get there.  Ray wants people spending time with their families, not sitting in traffic.  Different transportation options work for different people.  Ray will work hard to make sure that HD 26 has the right mix.

Housing Options for Every Oregonian

Ray will work with the cities in HD 26 to make sure that they are being heard in Salem, and that the state and regional governments are providing opportunities for a variety of housing options.  Whether people are moving into their first apartment, buying their first home, or moving into a senior living center, Ray believes that they should have options in their community.  Housing affordability is a critically important issue in today’s economy. Future development needs to provide accessible options, while still maintaining the character of our communities.

Preserving our farms, forestland, and green spaces.

Oregon is renowned for protecting our rural economy and natural spaces from sprawl. We must maintain our laws to preserve this unique balance in House District 26.